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Rules and Regulations of the School

  • Students are expected to reach the school campus five to ten minutes before the first bell for morning assembly. Those who are late must obtain permission from the concerned person in charge, who makes entries at the gate in the diaries of late comers before allowing them to enter the school campus.

  • The students are not permitted to arrive too early to the school campus. If such need arises, such student should report his/her early arrival to the security guard and should spend the time under the scrutiny and protection of the security guard. He/she will be allowed to enter the school building or the class room only 10 minutes before the assembly bell.

  • Once a student has entered the school campus he/she will not be allowed to leave the campus without obtaining the gate pass from the competent authority.

  • The warning bell before the assembly is a signal for students to go to their respective class- rooms in perfect silence

  • A leave application signed by the parents should be submitted to the office, if a student wants to take a day’s leave. Any absence without prior leave application should be supported by a leave letter from the parents explaining the reason for absence on the day the absentee student returns to the school. In the absence of such leave application the student may be granted permission to attend the class on the same day but will be barred from entering the classroom on the next day.

  • Serious disciplinary action will be taken against a student who submits fabricated or fake leave letters or medical certificates to justify his absence. Forging the signature of anyone including those of one’s parents will be considered as serious criminal offense. If any such behaviours is detected the student will be suspended from the school with immediate order.

  • In each class a register will be maintained in which all the staff members are free to add points for every significant good character trait, mentioning the date and the description of the good deed as well as to enter minus point for every violation of the expected character trait or any delinquent behaviour. At the end of every term the plus and minus points will be tallied and the students who obtain above 90% points in good personality traits will be given appreciation award.

  • It is compulsory for the students to read the specified number of books from the Library in each term. Marks will be added for the books read and marks will be reduced for noncompliance of the rule. A summary of each book read, consisting of answers to the questions: Namely, (1) What was the book all about? (2) What did you gain from reading the book? (3) Which chapter or what idea, what concept, what incident, or what expression etc. of the book struck you/impressed you most? Should be written and submitted to the respective language teacher. At the end of the term the language teacher will pick up any of those summaries and may ask questions to make sure that the person still remembers what he/she had read. Accordingly marks will be awarded as per the instruction of the Principal.

  • Any criminal activity through the social media amounting to cybercrime among the students will be considered very serious offense for which a student may be suspended from the school with immediate effect; and the parents will be contacted to take the student home. Subsequently he/she may be dismissed from the school as per the seriousness of the case.

  • The students are not permitted to develop any clandestine, secret, friendship with anyone either inside or outside the school campus. All their friends should be known to their parents and even to the teachers. If ever it is found that such friendship is going on severe disciplinary action will be taken against the students and even they could be expelled from the school.

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